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Our Member Select PIN product allows a member to select the PIN for their new card prior to it being ordered from your vendor.

This way the member receives a PIN they will remember. There will be less rePINning done in your branches, you will reduce the chance of card fraud, and you will not have to spend as much on PIN Mailers. Most importantly you improve member service.


Our solution provides an intelligent browser-based front end to Spectrum using a Pathways interface. We provide multiple means of selecting the member account. Provide a drop down of all available card types. We automatically select the next available Card member number to use, and assign the suffixes for the card based on credit union-defined options, and what products the member has for each defined position. We give you the ability to adjust the suffixes when more than one match for a position is found. We also provide multiple sets of on-line and off-line limits to select from a drop down menu.